Protecting your right to fly!

The Great Divide
How TSA sees itself / How the Public sees TSA

TSA Perspective Passengers/Public Viewpoint
The next passenger I screen may be a terrorist. The next TSA agent I meet may be a thief and/or sex offender.
People who display fear or anxiety at the checkpoint are suspicious. I'm afraid I will miss my flight-- I don't want to be groped again--what's taking these guys so long!?
Body Scanners are safe and effective. Body Scanners are a cancer risk and can be fooled. 
"Pat downs are performed in a professional and respectful manner" "It felt like being raped"
Only a small minority of passengers complain.  Most people don’t complain because they believe they will be ignored or retaliated against.
Most, if not all complaints are exaggerated or unfounded.  TSA misconduct is far worse than reported.
TSA is keeping America Safe! I feel safer when I travel overseas!
TSA is doing a great job! TSA fails its own tests!
Public should appreciate the great job TSA does! TSA should appreciate public's tolerance of TSA nonsense!
TSA is not doing anything wrong! TSA should admit its mistakes!
TSA needs to communicate better with passengers. TSA needs to listen to passengers.

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